Dumbing down the conversation

As expected, justifications and rationale for Modi’s appeal – to switch off the lights at 9 PM and holding on candles/flashlights for 9min…………are swamping up the social media space. 
Positively looking at his appeal, it is supposed to be an act of solidarity and sceptically it could be another PR stunt. 
But the rationale of attributing to some numerological, cosmic significance, light & heatwaves and all the illogical stuff thrown in, that is being shared across the social media – makes one wonder the existence of any thinking faculties of that sharing. 

While these do amuse to an extent, it isn’t funny anymore. 

The dumbing down of intelligence en masse is quite evident. 

My concern is on two aspects, 
1. When an announcement is made a global pandemic that there would be a video address by the Prime Minister the next day. The expectation is that he would try to address the issues concerning the pandemic: 
• The state of testing and plans to ramp it up. 
• The migration situation and the relief being offered to address it. (only 4 hrs. window period prior to lockdown could be for the public, but not for govt. They could have planned well in advance and were ready for the situation). 
• The resources and facilities for the health support system. 
• The religious narrative being expounded. 
• Clarity on MP CARES 
• Economy, job losses, relief for business etc. esp. MSME. 

Few might argue that the government has been making the relevant announcements. However, the information related to these is so scarce and ambiguous that a purported good communicator like Modi could have clearly explained it. 

With all the build-up, what is announced does not make much sense. 

The second and the bigger concern are the people. 

2. Religion, nationalism or any other affinity does have a tendency to dumb down the intellect when consumed more. 
The fact that SM is flooded with senseless logic within less time, does give rise to questions if these are also a pre-planned effort. 
Even if it is, the fact that a large number of people believe and share them is beyond my understanding. This includes a good number of educated and supposed to be well-read ones, who I generally see to be saner individuals on most of the occasions. 
This does point to a new lower bar of intelligence and logical thinking. 

The curse of this dumbness is that it does not allow people to question things that ought to be. It creates a state wherein a narrative is set and is being consumed without questions. 
Something, which is a much bigger issue. 

More than the theatrics, it is the un-questioned consumption that is a cause of worry.

Image Source : https://twitter.com/_ericalynn3/status/866781324769714176







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