Other Falls that matter

A few days back, the video of Narendra Modi slipping on Ganga Ghat went viral.

It did not take much longer for people to react, share and come up with a host of memes relating to his slipping. He obviously missed a slip and yeah was amusing to see him slip and fall.

Such things are funny and do invoke an instant reaction, especially when someone like him is involved. Looking at the reaction which this particular slip received from people, I couldn’t help but ponder over, if only people reacted to all his slips and falls. There were many.

Might not be the physical ones, but other instances where he slipped and fell flat on many promises he fooled the public with. The biggest and the overarching of them all, the promise of “Acche Dn” i.e “good days” which he successfully sold to a nation, which believed and voted him to power in 2014. After 5 plus years and even after his re-election, the wait for ache din is still on. If the economic and other indicators are to be considered, we are primed for some real “bure din” i.e bad days.

His time at the helm is replete with such slips. Demonetization, the big one. It was supposed to be bungle for – fight against corruption, cashless economy, fight against terrorism etc etc etc…. whatever reason that they could think off. After three years, the fall was so bad that they don’t even talk about it. Quite unusual for a regime that has the habit of shouting over the top for the smallest of achievements, of which many are perceived ones.

GST was another huge slip. The fall set into motion at midnight with people just getting to fathom the hurt. There have been other major falls. The Standoff at Dhoklam which we sort of meekly pulled back. The terror attacks at Pathankot, and the one at Uri before that. They were some real big falls. Of course, they did try to apply bandages in name of surgical attacks. The attack at Pulwama is a mystery, with the purpose more or less met in the 2019 general elections.

There are these cases of financial offenders fleeing the country and the mess of unrecovered loans in banks.

The fumble with Rafale deal has been hushed and covered up, so is the attempt in respect to backing up of crony capitalism. The tumbling down of economy , is something there for all to see and feel but not many speak up.

These are few that I can think on top of my mind, where Modi managed to slip and fall. Alas, all these weren’t as amusing for our public as the one at Ganga Ghat.

Hope, CAA is a fall which people would take notice off

Picture Courtesy : https://inshorts.com/en/news/pm-modi-slips-on-stairs-after-returning-from-boating-in-ganga-video-surfaces-1576334793851







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